Have you got your own specific requirements for a tool kit?

Does an 'off the shelf kit' not have what you need or includes tools that you don't need?

No problem! - we can design and build your own bespoke tool kit - exclusively at Expert Tool Store.


It really is easy to Build Your Own Tool Kit...


  • Step 1 - Choose Your Tools


You can decide on the contents of your own bespoke tool kit.

You can build a Facom Tool Kit or a Britool Tool Kit or a mixture using the best of both brands.

If you already have a list of products or part number then we can use this.

If you are not sure then we can recommend products from the most popular ranges.

Either way we can add and amend tools until you are completely happy with your tool kit design.


  • Step 2 - Choose Tool Control


We currently offer several tool control solutions to help you manage your tool kit,

 Foam Module TrayPlastic Module TrayRubber Mat Drawer LinerHook

  1. Foam Module Trays
  2. Plastic Modules Trays
  3. Rubber Mat Drawer Liners
  4. Panel Hooks


Many of our tools come as sets in foam or plastic module trays which are designed to fit perfectly into all Facom, Jet+ and Britool roller cabinet and tool chest storage drawers.

Foam Module SetPlastic Module Set    Foam Module Drawer

The benefit of foam modules is that they are soft feel and hold the tools more securely in place.

Also with the 2 colour design you can easily see if any tools are missing from their slots - in turn this saves you frustration and cost in replacing missing tools.


  • Step 3 - Choose Tool Storage

 Roller Cabinet  Rolling Tool Chest   Wall Panel  Soft Tool Bag  Wall Tools Cabinet

You have many options for storing your tools for your tool kit.

For example you could choose a Jet+ roller cabinets and tool chests solution, wall or cabinet panels or you could simply choose a Britool tool bag.

The storage solution really depends upon your requirements for tools and any other storage requirements you may have.

Once you have decided on your tool - we will be able to recommend suitable storage solutions.


  • Step 4 - We Design Your Tool Kit and Quote


If you know what you are looking for in a tool kit - let us know which tools, tool control and storage you require.

If you are a little unsure and want some help on designing your tool kit then we can help - we can start with a consultation on your requirements.

This can be on the phone or by email - which ever suits you best.

We will ask about what application you use tools for and we will make product suggestions based on this.

Either way we will specify your tool kit design into a quote for your consideration, amendments and approval.


  • Step 5 - We Supply Your Tool Kit Solution


Once you have approved your tool kit we can built it and supply with free shipping to any UK and Ireland address.


So at Expert Tool Store you really can ... Build your own Toolkit !!!


For a Free Consultation or to Send Us Your Requirements just call us on 01673 873 944 or email us at and we can start to build your bespoke Facom or Britool tool kit.


If you have any questions then you can Contact us or use the details above.